Operational Resilience+ Assessment

In today’s complex and interconnected business environment, operational resilience is a crucial skill for ensuring the long-term economic success of a company. Disruptions to business operations can come from a variety of sources.

Managing disruptions

Companies, public authorities and other organizations that prioritize their resilience are better prepared to overcome challenges and can reliably and competently meet the needs of their customers, partners and other stakeholders even in difficult times.

Sustainably increase competitiveness

Operational Resilience+ (OR+) is a holistic system made up of eight independent modules. With this approach, competitiveness and leadership focus can be sharpened in a targeted and sustainable manner in an environment of growing complexity.

The solution – Operational Resilience+

Our specialists work with you to evaluate any resilience-related weaknesses using our OR+ assessment. With our 8 modules – with a stronger focus on cyber resilience if required – we record the overall current state of your organization. The measures derived from this are aimed at sustainably strengthening the organizational structure and central processes as well as increasing your operational resilience in an increasingly fragile environment.

Status determination

  • Survey over 8 modules
  • Creation of a risk matrix
  • Scan with digital cyber risk assessment (CYRA)
  • Discussion of the results with recommendations

Result: Initial assessment with risk overview

Time required: approx. 2 h

Price: from CHF 2’490


  • Moderated assessment with specialists per module
  • Recording measures
  • Comprehensive discussion of results with detailed recommendations

Result: Detailed report and concrete catalog of measures

Time required: 2-4 days

Price: from CHF 6’900

Depending on your requirements, individual, subject-specific assessments of the following modules are also possible:

>> Cyber Resilience
>> Business Continuity Management (BCM)
>> Infrastructure protection

Status determination

Evaluate your resilience-relevant weak points in an initial survey, accompanied by our specialists, and
provide your management with an initial overview of potential suggestions for improvement and areas for action. This introductory module offers a quick and pragmatic way to focus on a specific or all 8 modules of the Operational Resilience+ Assessment.

1. Questionnaire as an initial assessment

Assess the current state of your organization in all 8 areas of Operational Resilience+ together with a specialist using 10 questions.

2. Creation of risk matrix

Fill out a risk matrix to get an initial overview of your risk management at the strategic level.

3. Scan with CYRA Cyber Risk Assessment Tool

Scan the perimeter view or the public attack surface of your IT environment and receive an assessment and list of measures to potential vulnerabilities before they are exploited by attackers.

4. Final meeting

Discuss your resilience-relevant final assessment with our experts and decide on any necessary assessment or targeted measures within the 8 Operational Resilience+ modules.

OR+ Assessment

In the following, check your organization in detail across all 8 modules of the Operational Resilience+ Assessment. This 2-day process provides you with an in-depth situation analysis of how resilient your day-to-day business is and which weaknesses need to be prioritized and specifically addressed.

1. Moderated assessment with specialists

As your sparring partner, our specialists will guide you through the survey across the 8 Operational Resilience+ modules.

2. Prioritized planning of measures

As a result, you will receive a prioritized action plan to directly address your resilience-relevant weak points.

3. Preparation of final report

We prepare a detailed final document including an executive summary so that we can present the results of the survey to you in report form. This in turn serves as a tool for discussing any further steps that may be necessary with your management.

4. Final discussion of the results

In a final meeting, our specialists take time for you to go through the entire final report point by point. In combination with the prioritized action plan, this gives you a basis for initiating subsequent steps or submitting dedicated suggestions for improvement to your management.