Operational resilience as a holistic system of interdependent modules


Improve your competitiveness and leadership focus in an environment of growing complexity & challenges

Pragmatic, sustainable and systematic business protection


We will support you to actively involve your employees and to develop your corporate culture through collaborative responsibility in a success-oriented and crisis-resilient manner.

Strategy & Governance

Using Operational Resilience+, we will advise you on how to credibly implement your corporate strategy through lived and resilient governance.


We will support you in designing a resilient process landscape that will guarantee functioning value creation in your company.


We will provide you with innovative ideas and concrete solutions to sustainably strengthen your leadership culture in everyday life and to successfully manage it in the context of a crisis.

Business Continuity

We will help you to optimise your operational capability and to regain it rapidly in the event of an incident.

People Protection

We will safeguard the physical integrity of your personnel worldwide through automated alerts and 24/7 situational support.

Information Security

We will advise you to pre-emptively protect your digital architecture from failures and data loss and to quickly regain functionality in the event of a cyber incident and to close identified gaps.

Infrastructure Safety

We will support you in analysing the risk to your infrastructures and in establishing targeted technical, organisational and personnel measures to ensure operability in all situations.


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