Our company & team

Lexxton is an owner-managed Swiss corporation established in 2011. We provide security services to companies of all sizes, operating in national and international contexts, as well as governmental authorities.

Our complementary management team from Switzerland, Austria and Germany is made up of internationally experienced specialists from the fields of leadership, cyber resilience, governance & compliance, processes, security and law.

This combination enables us to effectively integrate the topic of “Operational Resilience+” into your organization and develop it further with you.

As a customer, you benefit from our global network with direct access to specialists on all continents – so that reliable local support can be implemented for you and your organization.

Operational Management

Urban Lederer

  • Leadership development
  • Travel risk managmenent
  • BCM / Crisis management

Felix Burri

  • Cyber resilience managmenent
  • Digital operations
  • Sales
Martin Kreutner Portrait

Mag. Martin Kreutner

Senior Counsel
  • Legal & Compliance
  • (Corporate) Diplomacy
  • International System & Security

Horst Kretzschmar

Senior Counsel
  • Key Account Manager
  • Leadership Development
  • Project Manager Germany

Stefan Kempter

Senior Project Manager
  • Process engineering
  • Organisational development
  • Quality management

Board of Directors

Markus Biedermann

Board of Directors
  • People Protection
  • Strategic Marketing/Sales
  • Leadership development

Georg Kapeller

Board of Directors
  • Leadership development
  • Organizational development
  • Coaching