We provide integrated and customised solutions to solve your security risk management challenges.

Using our self-developed tool, the «Lexxton Risk Analysis Survey» we can quickly assess your security exposure and security risk management maturity. As part of our tailored evaluation, you will receive a concrete action-plan, as the first step to implementing an integrated approach to security risk management in your organisation. Free of charge, uncomplicated – but competent and effective.
We can partner with you to plan and implement discrete security projects, either as consultants or as the project manager. You will realise the benefits of our philosophy, focused on developing sustainble and cost-effective solutions.


Our approach is to align ourselves with your health & safety, HR, infosec specialists, taking into account their requirements and expertise, to deliver a sustainable solution tailored to local specificities. Critically, we address the issue of «trust» and how it can be fostered, so that our solutions can be «lived» as an integrated part of your business.

Lexxton Risk Analysis Survey

Analyse risks comprehensively and in good time
Do you want a clear and comprehensive overview of the security risks to which your organisation is exposed, as well as its maturity in managing them? We have developed an efficient and effective tool, just for this purpose : the «Lexxton Risk Analysis Survey».

  • Order the Lexxton Risk Analysis Survey online today.
  • Or make an appointment to discuss your needs and we will work with you to produce a tailored questionnaire
  • you will receive the results from us within 5 working days, and be able to benefit from our analysis completely free of charge.

You yourself are best placed to assess the security exposure and maturity of your organisation. With an easily understood questionnaire, we provide you a framework to not only analyse where you are now, but also design concrete steps to reach your optimal target state.

With only 30 minutes of effort on your part, we will deliver our analysis within one working week – without any obligation on your part and completely free of charge.
Order your free «Lexxton Risk Analysis Survey» questionnaire here.